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If you need assistance, here is a list of the questions we are asked most often. If need be, we will add questions subsequently. If you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to ask us via the "Contact section" of the site

  • How to know the model of my controller?

The best is to watch the videos of the section "Tutorial" on the site, but here are a few tips:

V2 has a light in the touch pad when you switch on the controller

The v2 comes with the console slim or pro 

The 1st or 2nd generation is sold with the fat console  

The 2nd digit of the bar code located on the back of the controller determined the model: from 1 to 4 = first generation, 4 and 5 = second generation, 6 and 7 = v2 first generation and 8 = v2 deuvieme generation

  • Should he remove my controller to put your shells?

 Yes placement d ' a shell requires disassembly of your old Hull (our tutorials and our technical department are here to help you)

  • What are the palettes on a gamepad?

The pallets are additional buttons added below the joystick to play faster and more accurately: you have in effect a second o / x / square / triangle etc. which may be operated by pallets while leaving your thumbs on the anal og (you will beat all your stats) 

  • Your shell is it compatible with my controller?

Yes but in some cases this requires an adaptation (go to the section "Tutorial" to see what it is even if it's nothing complicated)

  • Your controllers are the original PS4 / X 1?

Yes we only work with original joysticks. No copies at home... 

  • Your controllers are guarantees?

Yes our controllers are guaranteed for 6 months (see General conditions)

  • Is it possible to make the placement of pallets on my controller?

Yes of course it is possible to place pallets / hull and accessories on your controller. See our catalog of "throttle paddle" and you will see the option to send your controller for the placement of pallets.

  • What should he do in case of failure of the throttle?

Contact us via the "Contact section" of our site, we are here for you.

  • Can fix you my controller to pallet once the warranty exceeded?

Each request will be a classic customer service treatment, repair will be paid according to a specification that will be sent before repair.

  • What is the average delivery time?

Even if we depending on their requirements and delivery services, allow 5-10 days after payment.

  • Is it possible to send a design to apply it on a hull?

At the moment this is not possible, but we continue to work in this direction in order to satisfy a maximum of you.

  • Will offer you other models in the future?

Of course, the catalog will constantly evolve.

  • How can I return a product to send a product?

Please contact us in the "Contact section" of the site to ensure that you have everything at your disposal in order to send.